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People looking for beach house holiday rental accommodation are always keen to see what's on offer where they are intending to holiday. Beachhouse Getaway's offers targeted advertising space as banner advertising to business's looking to expose their products and services to prospective customers.  Our Banner Advertising helps you find selling opportunities between holiday renters in the area you operate within and the goods or services you provide.  

Connect with new customers before they arrive at their destination. Get started with Banner Ads today!


For example: If you run a Cafe in Byron Bay and prospective holiday renters are browsing our listings for Byron Bay, you can pay for the banner advertising space along side those listings and either advertise static banner Advertisements or produce an interactive offer to engage with holiday renters coming to your area.


Flat Rate per month

Monthly Banner Advertising, which can be reviewed at anytime and changed according to the seasonal offer you might have. Please note that this is a non-refundable banner placement and our pricing and conditions may change over the course of time in alignment with supply and demand. *Price on Application



Try a 7 Day Advertising campaign with no lock in contract. *Pricing on Application


Click and Pay

We can also offer you a 'click and pay' option similar to Google Adsense Advertising.  You only pay when someone clicks on your offer or views your webpage via the Advertising Banner.  Advertising which requires a redemption or for the client to interact with your advertisement eg. make a booking or buy tickets is a great way to engage with customers. 


To start your Advertising setup, please send us an email enquiring about our rates to 

Rates for our Advertising options can be customised to suit any requirement and budget.  Please email or call us on 0410 856 313 today.