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At Beachhouse Getaway's we want you to have the best possible experience on your Beachhouse Getaway.  We have compiled some useful information on a State by State basis to help you get informed about Beach House Rentals Australia wide and the array of things to do when you are on your vacation at your favourite Beach House.


NORTHERN TERRITORY - Things to do The Northern Territory is vast. Occupying about one sixth of Australia's total land mass, its boundaries encompass a variety of contrasting landscapes and experiences, best tackled by exploring a few key destinations - each with their own distinct personality, we urge you to experience the wonders of our region. We can help with all your tours, car hire and accommodation in Darwin, Kakadu, katherine, Litchfield and Arnhem Land. G'day! This is the official Facebook page of Tourism Top End. It is a place for the sharing and celebration of all things tourism in the Top End of Australia. We're also on Twitter @TourismTopEnd


Weather in the Northern Territory

 The weather in the Northern Territory is very tropical in the north around the coastline with high humidity in summer and thunderstorms that arrive like clockwork most afternoons so to find out what is happening right now visit the Bureau of Meteorology website.  Track current conditions at your favourite beach house getaway spot at .  Other notable places to go for weather, fishing and boating is Maritime Safety of the Northern Territory    where there is also tidal conditions and all important boating safety, rules and regulations for the Northern Territory.  Marine parks maps, fishing permits and park locations can be found at and along with great fishing, snorkelling and diving spots.  Finally, if you love boating when you are staying at a beach house holiday rental anywhere in the Northern Territory visit  and stay safe on the water.


Eating Out for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

There really are an amazing array of places to eat out throughout coastal Northern Territory and you might be surprised how close the famous wine growing districts are to the coast.  Start off here  and just explore the possibilities.  Sometimes, you just want to stay home and cook when you're staying away from home in a fully functional beach house.  Other times you feel the yearning to explore the gastronomic offerings available and marvel in the freshness of the produce, seafood and selection of fine meats.  As you travel along the Northern Territory coastline keep an eye out for the seasonal produce as it presents itself along your journey.


Beaches and Facilities

Northern Territory beaches offer some of the best beach experiences you will find in the world. Surf Life Saving Northern Territory are located on many of our beaches with the primary objective of saving lives on our beaches.  For all the information you will need to stay safe on Northern Territory beaches head to the and stay safe on our beaches on your next beach house holiday. 

Another useful website to visit is   where you will find details about most of the popular beaches around the Northern Territory coastline.


Attractions and Events

Attractions and Events are plentiful in the Northern Territory so start here  and migrate here   and you will soon realise that renting a beach house once in the Northern Territory just doesn't begin to touch the surface of the annual, seasonal and regular attractions and events on offer.  Even the smallest of coastal communities usually has some form of markets to attend on your beach house holiday. So explore the Top End, as the locals call it, and visit some of the best attractions at and and have a beach house holiday to remember.


Beach House Rentals 

Enjoying your stay at any location comes down to the experiences you have whilst on location.  Whether you love to ride the waves at the beach or relax under a beach umbrella reading a book, there is one thing that is certain, staying in a beach house is going to be a memorable occasion. Here you will find some insights into the types of activities, experiences, great food and dining as well as entertainment options for you to select from on your next Australian Beach House Getaway.


Once you have the location of your next Beach House Getaway, start exploring the best things to do, places to eat and entertainment available for you and the kids. If you're like me you'll want to know where the best coffee is, who's preparing 'Eggs Benedict to Die for', great family meal deals for eating out, and 'what's on' in town or the area your staying. We'll give you some hot tips here but watch our Banner Advertisements to find special offers and great deals in the area you are staying.

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