Beach House Holiday Rental Accommodation - Feature your Property


Feature your beach house holiday rental accommodation and make sure your property is listed prominently in search results. 

Paying to Promote your listing is simple with our PayPal integration when you create your listing.  We have kept it simple so all you need to do is select the offer 'Featured Listing' as you add your details on the List Your Property page.



Listing your property is Free.

Don't select the 'Featured Listing' option when listing your property.

Your Property may not feature on the first page of search results.


Feature Region DEAL $49.95 a month

Feature your property in its region for as little as $49.95 per month. 

Your property will be on the first page of search results for your Region.


Feature State DEAL $59.95 a month

Try our Feature State Deal for $59.95 per month. 

Your property will be on the first page of search results for your State.


Select Featured Property as you create your listing to activate these deals. Selecting both Feature Region and Feature State will charge you $109.90 per month.


Property Managers and Real Estate Agents


Real Estate Agents and Property Managers can load feature properties on weekly deals, or monthly and long term arrangements.  Please contact us to discuss your needs 

Create your property listings now to take advantage of FREE unlimited listings.


Please note, you can create multiple listings under one login. Advertising using the Featured Property feature is paid advertising which guarantees first page search position (until featured advertising paid positions are full) at which time featured properties are rotated on the primary results page. 

These are non refundable options should you choose to opt out during the agreed advertising time frame. Featuring your beach house rental or holiday house accommodation is essential in a competitive online market.


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