Beach House Rentals FAQs


How do I list my property on your website?

Simply register with your name and email then fill out the property details. Once you have the login you are able to load as many rental properties as you like. Best of all it is FREE!

I'm a property manger already can we link to your site?

Any type of listing is welcome on our website. Feel free to add as many of your property listings as you like. All traffic generated by our website will be directed to the person listed as the contact point.

 How do I list my property on your website?

Listing is easy once you have registered. Click on List my Property from the Home page and complete the details.

How much does it cost to list my beach house?

 You can list your property for FREE. We derive our revenue from other advertising.

What is a Feature Property Listing?

A feature property is a paid  listing. The property you list as a Featured Listing will be maintained at the top of search results within our site until you discontinue with Featuring your house. You are still able to continue with a free listing after your featured property advertising stops.

When my details change how do I update my information in your website?

Easy just login using your email. Forgotten your email provided when you listed? That's ok our system will automatically send a new login if requested.

Do you take a commission when my property is rented?

No. we are not real estate agents and have know means available to take such a payment. If our website directs a client to your booking agent then you may have commissions to pay should the property be let.

Are you a real estate agency?

No. We are an Australia wide beach house rental property promoter specifically aiming to enhance existing connections between beach house holiday renters and accommodation providers to achieve maximum exposure for property owners and managers and prospective holiday renters. At Beachhouse Getaway we want people to connect with people to find the ultimate beach house holiday adventure.

Why can't you just give me all the available dates for the beach houses on your website?

Availability is very changeable. You must confirm with the property manager, owner or agent regarding availability via direct contact over the telephone or email.

What happens when I enquire about a beach house to rent?

After you have completed the enquiry form our system will send your request to the property manger, agent or owner direct. Whilst we encourage prompt replyies you should not leave your request for information unanswered for more the 24 hours particularly if you are trying to book in peak season.

Am I guaranteed to get the dates I want?

No. Many bookings are completed over a year in advance and many bookings are perpetual, meaning the same booking for the same house is locked in for the same person year on year. You may find you will not get the house you want in popular locations and popular times throughout the year.

What should I take with me to the beach house I rent?

Most beach houses are fully equipped with everything you will need regarding linen and towels. Check the specific inclusions as some properties also include pantry items. Always ask what you will have provided on your arrival with the owner, property manger or agent.

Who do I call if there is an issue at the beach house while I am there?

Direct all communication with the booking agent, property manager or owner. Obtain contact information as soon as you have confirmed your booking and make sure you have an after hours number should you need it although once you arrive the property profile documents in the house will guide you as to what to do in an emergency.

I want to list my property for free but don't have photos is that a problem?

Yes that is a real issue as most people wanting to rent a holiday house are highly motivated by the visual marketing of a property. Leaving the photos off your listing almost certainly guarantees you will have little or no enquiry on the property for rent.

I don't have a beach house to rent but am a local business which would appeal to people holidaying in my area. Can I advertise on your site?

Yes. We have built our site to accommodate you. Send us your information and we will make contact with you to discuss your needs.

What do I need to do to advertise my business on your site?

Please email us or call us to discuss the possibilities.

How much does it cost to advertise my business on your site?

Costs vary however our basic short term advertising designed to stimulate click is very affordable. Advertising is also very flexible and can be turned off at anytime.

Can I stop advertising at any time?

Yes. When you commit to advertising on our site it can be for just one week. There are no penalties should you decide to stop after the agreed period.

Is there a penalty to stop advertising?

You will have to complete the advertising cycle you committed to but then stopping does not incur any penalty.

Can you recommend places to eat, things to do and places to see while I am holidaying at one of your listed beach houses?

Yes. Check the Things to Do information which lists everything from great beaches to swim at, cafes and restaurants, right down to attractions and events.

Can I take my pets on holiday with me?

Yes for some properties. The willingness of property owners to accommodate pets whilst on holidays is increasing. Check with the property owner, manager or agent on specific details. And if the policy is 'no pets' please abide by the rules, nothing worse than being embarrassed by this issue after you have checked in.