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Introduction to Beachhouse Getaways - Beach House Rentals

27 Aug 2015

Beachhouse Getaways - the early days

I know your wondering what we do and why we do it so here is some information to put you in the picture about how we originated and where we are going.  Turning back the clock around 20 years ago, when we were searching for a beach house to rent, and the internet was just really getting started, there we few options available for property owners to list their beach house rental on the internet.  At that time, my wife and I engaged the services of a web developer to build a website which allowed holiday beach house accommodation to be made available to prospective holiday renters.  It was glaringly obvious back then that there was a need for such a portal.  Although we didn't see the real potential back then, and today the internet is a totally different beast, we persisted with the design and development of Beachhouse Getaways. This new site looks and feels entirely different and although we would like it to have more features, we are able to offer a clean and professional site which enables property owners and real estate agents to list Beach House Rentals and Holiday houses by the beach free of charge.

Beachhouse Getaways - the future

Beachhouse Getaways offers owners and mangers the ability to present unlimited beach house rentals to prospective holiday renters around Australia.  At the moment this blog post was written we are under-subscribed for these free spots and would love to add as many new beach houses to the website as possible. If your reading this post and have been looking for an opportunity to list your beach house rental online but baulked at the cost of some of the big guys, list for free at .....but hurry because the allocation is limited.

Whilst we recognise there is no availability and booking facility on our site, we have deliberately built the site this way. Why? Largely due to the fact that when we list a property the availability and booking facilities are already built into a range of other websites (which might already contain the property listing) and we can't see the point in unnecessary duplication in a portal like ours. If the demand and feedback is strong enough in the future those modules may be added to our design.  Most other sites offer a range of accommodation types.  We plan to offer exactly what our domain name suggests, beach house rental and holiday house rental accommodation. Our allocation of free listings will only be available to beach houses, which means whenever a search is conducted online using words like beach house rental, we will feature prominently in results and be the entity known for beach house rentals around Australia.

Please check out our website, follow us on Facebook and contribute any comments, feedback or reviews of beach house rental properties you have stayed in.